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Cameras include a 5 MP secondary and a 13 MP primary, which utilizes a LED flash.

A quad-core Qualcomm variant of this device is available in some regions.

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For me the main con is the battery than drains quickly when using Wi-Fi but that has happened with pretty much every phone I've had so IDK. Phone is still not with me as for now but is going to receive it tomorrow. :) I can't believe this phone doesn't have USB OTG!

What came over Huawei to not include this feature on the P8 lite?

And I actually bought this phone just to be able to do that. I am also disappointed with the fact that this phone actually bent on the one side, making it look like a Flex.

With 6GB RAM on two, Huawei Mate 9 is also being powered by the firm's proprietary Hisilicon Kirin 960 and is likewise supported by a massive 64GB native storage.

The phone specs reflect 16GB memory but the actual available memory is 10GB the other 6GB is used by apps that came std with the fone and cannot be deleted, i had to purchase a SD card for additional memory .....

has anyone else experienced this I've had this phone for 6 months now and I have never experience any Wi-Fi or other connection issues. Absolute shit phone, do not be tempted by the price or the screen size, it it shit, you start off really enjoying the phone but then after a short period of time it becomes slow, it bends easily, it has the most useless and frustrating features, it's signal is absolute shit and the keyboard gives you about 5000 typos in one sentence. You are better off spending more money to get a better quality i Phone or Samsung I just received a second hand Huawei p8 lite from my father bought from Saudi Arabia, and I'm kinda doubtful/ unsure about its features/ specifications.

Recently, it has been reported by several people about the MTP application error after the recent Kies PC software updated to 1.5.

What exactly happens with MTP application error is, if you connect your Samsung Galaxy S device to the PC then instead of getting connected to your PC or laptop, it shows “initializing” on the device’s screen and the screen keeps on flickering till the device gets “locked” and also when device is unlocked, the screen doesn’t stop flickering showing “Initializing”.

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