Goranga dating system prostitution

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Я бы еще Children of Cyrodiil добавил ибо будет странно если ребенок есть только у протагониста и он один на весь игровой мир. You will need to install the Script Extender to use it though. Prices range from 50 gold to 1000 gold, depending on social standing of a prostitute.

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In the mod either you approach to a prostitute (or gigolo if it is a guy) or a prostitute approaches you.

There will be updates in the future (especially dating and companion or marriage) Good on you Goranga! If I require something, I will certainly take a look.

Have you tried the LAPF and the new animated penis\futa\dildo animations we have made? My regards to the staff of this website, Goranga I never said you need to switch between systems. I don't believe there are conflicts, because The Sex System was developed to be clean and compatible with everything. But the main mod was developed with integrated prostitution, so we will use that as an example.

You negotiate the price and move to the place where you can do what you payed for. If you do it in the public, be careful that the guards don't see you.

If they do they will arrest you, if you don't pay a fee.

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