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Multiple single pulse TMS to V1 has locally desensitizing effect for scotomas.

Variations in backward masking with different masking stimuli: II. Psychological Research-Psychologische Forschung, 69, 11−21. Portaalis väljastatakse korraga maksimaalselt 5000 kirjet.

Iiris Tuvi, doktorikraad, 2007, (juh) Talis Bachmann, Interaction of Object Perception and Visual Attentional Selection Processes (Objektitaju ja selektiivse tähelepanu protsesside interaktsioon), Tartu Ülikool, Sotsiaal- ja haridusteaduskond. Location based processing in object substitution masking. International Journal of Psychophysiology, 77 (2), 157−165, 10.1016/j.ijpsycho.20. Multiple single pulse TMS to V1 has locally desensitizing effect for scotomas.

Iiris Tuvi, magistrikraad (teaduskraad), 2003, (juh) Talis Bachmann, Higher-level processing in substitution and metacontrast masking: interaction between mask and target, Iiris Luiga, Tartu Ülikool. Perception, 45S: 39th European Conference on Visual Perception (ECVP) 2016, Barcelona. Murd, C.; Aru, J.; Hiio, M.; Luiga, I.; Bachmann, T. Caffeine enhances frontal relative negativity of slow brain potentials in a task-free experimental setup. PERCEPTION , 37: Thirty-first European Conference on Visual Perception; Utrecht, The Netherlands; 24-28 August 2008.

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